Creation: Beginnings

In the beginning there was nothing
Or so the story’s told
Until the day her eyes sprung open
And she watched reality unfold

Catapulted into being were the visions from her mind
“Only I’m the lone one here to see this”
She whispered as she sighed

She imagined others in her image
And soon they had appeared
Her sadness turned to laughter
Realizing there were others near

She watched her creatures closely
Things went smoothly for a time
Until she noticed apathy was creeping in their lives

With nothing left to strive for
They stumbled through their days
“I’ve given everything they’ve asked for!”
“What ungrateful beings I’ve created, this is how I’ve been repaid?”

She searched her mind for answers
Her decision had been made
From her thoughts sprang a new emotion
She gave them reason to be somber, she balanced love with hate

As time passed she regretted
The thing that she had done
When her last two creatures killed each other
She cried….”I’m still the only one”

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