Creation (2): Second Chances

Again the Earth was still and lifeless
As she watched it from the clouds
It was time for second chances
No error was to be allowed

Her mood turned very somber
All felt like it was lost
How could she create perfection
While chaos ruled ruled her thoughts?

“I’ll give them new emotion”
“I’ll give them Earth as home”
“I’ll simply get them started”
“Then I’ll leave them on their own”
“I’ll let them solve their problems”
“I won’t meddle in affairs”
“Even though passive watching is more than I can bear”

This time there would be balance
All seemed to be in place
So she created people
Then she sealed herself away

Despite the extra measures
Results remained the same
She then spent an eternity
Deciding what led things astray

She pondered her mistakes
Unsure what they could even be
When suddenly it struck her
“The image used was me…”

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