Creation (3): She Came To Me [Part One]

Though the Earth was left in shambles
In hiding some remained alive
Their beliefs remained unwavered
By the passages of time
The people still believed in their goddess from the sky

As she sensed the world the world was stirring
There was nothing she could do
Sealed deeply in her slumber
Her body wouldn’t move

And while she felt she could do nothing
She resolved herself to try
She scoured Earth for someone special
Aided only by the power of her mind

When suddenly she found him
She knew their savior he could be
That was how she came to me
A vision in my sleep

Her eyes reflected only sadness
From an eternity of pain
As those eyes welled up with tears
On Earth began the rain

Only when I had awoken
I was sure it had only been a dream
Yet I couldn’t help but wonder
Could it be as real as it had seemed?

The next night my prayers were again to meet her
It seems that they were heard
For several nights that followed
The dream had reoccurred

So there I’d speak for hours
With the woman from above
When in a cosmic tragedy
I realized that I was in love

To be continued…

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