So I usually don’t feel the need to describe why I wrote something, but this time I kind of do. I actually wrote this eating a hamburger…it’s the first thing I’ve written straight through off the top of my head with no editing in a while. I texted it to myself while I was eating to make sure I remembered it and I’ll probably revise, edit and make it longer at some point. It doesnt really flow, but its what I was feeling at the moment and its one of those times something just hit me. Anyway.

Behind erected walls
There lies a world in wait
Don’t be afraid
Just step into the void

Its amazing how we’ve spent this time unquestioning
Avoiding truths
Accepting lies
Bring down the walls and step into your life
Even though it’s frightening
You’ll finally feel alive
You’ll see that darkness has its place
You’ll see its only frightening while clinging to the light
Just let the truth consume you
Quit clinging to the lies
I’ve Wasted time on nothing
When everything I wanted
Laid right before my eyes

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