Trapped inside this world
Lies a soul
Forever searching for a home

Trapped inside this mind
Is the vision of your eyes
I take your hand
I swear that I can feel your smile

Trapped inside this body
Lies a heart
Forever yearning for a love it knows will never be

Trapped in this abyss
Is the smallest ball of light
Forever dreaming of the day I learn to set it free

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The Hologram

I fade into this hologram
Awaken in a dream
If the past is someones future
I see we need not fear or cling
Watching time flow both directions
In its never ending stream

A world where you can love your money
Yet it’s wrong to love a tree
A world where computer birds
With syntax chirps
Fly on mechanic wings.

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So I usually don’t feel the need to describe why I wrote something, but this time I kind of do. I actually wrote this eating a hamburger…it’s the first thing I’ve written straight through off the top of my head with no editing in a while. I texted it to myself while I was eating to make sure I remembered it and I’ll probably revise, edit and make it longer at some point. It doesnt really flow, but its what I was feeling at the moment and its one of those times something just hit me. Anyway.

Behind erected walls
There lies a world in wait
Don’t be afraid
Just step into the void

Its amazing how we’ve spent this time unquestioning
Avoiding truths
Accepting lies
Bring down the walls and step into your life
Even though it’s frightening
You’ll finally feel alive
You’ll see that darkness has its place
You’ll see its only frightening while clinging to the light
Just let the truth consume you
Quit clinging to the lies
I’ve Wasted time on nothing
When everything I wanted
Laid right before my eyes

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Never Had A Clue

I sit under the moon
Searching for a star
Looking for the answers
Unsure where they are

My life feels like it’s over
Yet it’s only just begun
Looking at past battles
I pinpoint none I’ve won

It’s never til the ending
That you see how it begins
And that love even when you find it
You’ll still need to let it in

Star Light, Star Bright
None are in the sky tonight
A pastel blue, A silver moon
I’ll still make a wish or two

Simply because I’m desperate
I’m longing for your eyes
Disaster strikes
In all our lives
It forces us to move

Your heart untainted
Our love unwasted
Only our predetermined future was painted
I just never had a clue

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Creation (3): She Came To Me [Part One]

Though the Earth was left in shambles
In hiding some remained alive
Their beliefs remained unwavered
By the passages of time
The people still believed in their goddess from the sky

As she sensed the world the world was stirring
There was nothing she could do
Sealed deeply in her slumber
Her body wouldn’t move

And while she felt she could do nothing
She resolved herself to try
She scoured Earth for someone special
Aided only by the power of her mind

When suddenly she found him
She knew their savior he could be
That was how she came to me
A vision in my sleep

Her eyes reflected only sadness
From an eternity of pain
As those eyes welled up with tears
On Earth began the rain

Only when I had awoken
I was sure it had only been a dream
Yet I couldn’t help but wonder
Could it be as real as it had seemed?

The next night my prayers were again to meet her
It seems that they were heard
For several nights that followed
The dream had reoccurred

So there I’d speak for hours
With the woman from above
When in a cosmic tragedy
I realized that I was in love

To be continued…

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Creation (2): Second Chances

Again the Earth was still and lifeless
As she watched it from the clouds
It was time for second chances
No error was to be allowed

Her mood turned very somber
All felt like it was lost
How could she create perfection
While chaos ruled ruled her thoughts?

“I’ll give them new emotion”
“I’ll give them Earth as home”
“I’ll simply get them started”
“Then I’ll leave them on their own”
“I’ll let them solve their problems”
“I won’t meddle in affairs”
“Even though passive watching is more than I can bear”

This time there would be balance
All seemed to be in place
So she created people
Then she sealed herself away

Despite the extra measures
Results remained the same
She then spent an eternity
Deciding what led things astray

She pondered her mistakes
Unsure what they could even be
When suddenly it struck her
“The image used was me…”

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No-one saw it coming
Though they didn’t seem surprised
As their fellow men were slaughtered
They simply went about their lives

They felt they could do nothing
So they cowered all alone
Thinking the killers couldn’t reach them
In the safety of their homes

It wasn’t blood they wanted
As the people came to see
When they abdicated choices
The oppressors said “You’re free”

Soon they had adjusted
They continued with their days
It’s a shame we never realized
We lived our lives as slaves

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